Rowan Williams - Life death and Neighbours

The Spirit in the Desert - ROWAN WILLIAMS is acknowledged internationally as an outstanding theological writer, scholar, and teacher. He was Archbishop of Canterbury from 2002 to 2012, and he has held prestigious chairs at both Oxford University and Cambridge University. His books include Lost Icons, Being Christian, and The Wound of Knowledge. In these talks Rowan Williams draws on the wisdom of the Fathers and Mothers of the Egyptian Desert in the fourth century, from which our tradition of Christian meditation has emerged. He reflects on questions that deeply touch our modern lives. How do we live in relationship with others? How do we discover the truth about ourselves? What are our priorities, our fears? What is the place of silence, of language? How do we live within our own limitations? Rowan Williams encourages us to enter into the challenges and simplicity of the desert and find healing for our fragmented condition.